Smart Home

Home automation technologies have become more practical and useful than ever. The number of connected devices and appliances has grown, artificial intelligence has made these systems smarter and voice commands have made them easier to use. It's amazing really, all the things these technologies can do to make your family's life easier and safer.

Build for Today, Plan for Tomorrow.

We work with home automation experts along the Front Range to plan, design and install smart home solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our solutions are state-of-the-industry today and are installed with an upgrade path to the future.


Construction Management

Better, faster, cheaper. That's the promise of business process automation software. At Goodgift, we're all in. We  are big believers in the value of these software tools for workplace productivity, error reduction, communications management and creative collaboration.



We use SketchUp, a global software leader for three dimensional design. SketchUp helps architects and designers to work quickly and accurately, collaborate with other professionals, generate materials requirements, produce 2D work plans and create 3D models, including photorealistic 3D renderings. 

Because we run our design services through SketchUp, we can collaborate with talented architects and designers across the globe. All of our architects and designers work in SketchUp, have impeccable creative and technical credentials and design projects to meet Douglas County (and surrounding county) building code.