About Us

Goodgift, LLC is a general contractor providing home remodeling services in Douglas County and surrounding areas south of Denver. Whereas most remodeling contractors come up through the construction trades, Goodgift is different. Our founder is a long-time business owner and project manager in the advertising and creative services industry. He has more than 20 years experience managing client relationships, leading multidisciplinary project teams and delivering complex projects. 

Goodgift is committed to excellence in project, team and client communications management.  This commitment is the backbone of our business and it is how we live up to our promises and deliver an easy, enjoyable and surprise-free client experience.


Taking Care of Our Trade Pros

In a growing construction industry, reliable trade pros have choices in where they work. We understand this, so we've worked hard to create a culture and work environment that is attractive to the most conscientious and skilled of these pros. And, when we find them, we work even harder to keep them happy.



Our Values

Values guide us in how we conduct ourselves and in how we set our priorities. Ours are simple and clear.

  1. Integrity in all that we do

  2. Take good care of good people

  3. Deliver only quality work

  4. Stand behind our work

  5. Give back to our community


Our Promise

Our word is our bond (but you'll also get it in writing). We promise to always:   

  • Respect you, your home, your time and your money
  • Show professionalism in our conduct and work product
  • Provide clear, timely and straightforward communications
  • Provide detailed design plans and work schedules
  • Offer transparent, surprise-free pricing
  • Write simple contracts with strong warranties

We get to do what we love, and what we're good at, to make our customers’ and our families’ lives better.